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Stephan Eickschen eicksch at
Tue Dec 9 10:12:26 EST 1997

Hi Jill-

About one month ago you tried to help me with my mapgen problems, do you
remember? I had some troubles with my work during the last weeks, so I
couldn´t go on with it.
Well, I think that I have lost your last answer. So here is my last
question again. Maybe you could please "reconstruct" your answer?



> Hi Jill-
> I have fixed some of the problems: I am running tcsh, so in mapgen4.1,
> l245 "csh" hat to be replaced by "tcsh". After that, the search path
> and the prompt was as expected. But there is still a problem with the
> executables in $GIS/mapgen/interface - as you´ve mentioned, they are
> compiled for sunos 4.1.3, but not for IRIX5.3 ...
> Is there a possibility to get the source code??? I couldn´t find it at
>, and - as far
> as I know - they do not belong to the USGS release, do they???
> Regards,
>         Stephan


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