d.mon not working some help needed

J.KRISHNA KUMAR 17013 at stdn.irm.ernet.in
Wed Dec 17 23:11:39 EST 1997

I have been trying to get d.mon to work on my 
Linux Red hat 4.2 distribution and Kernel 2.0.30
the Xwindows display is working fine I have taken a Generic Monitor
the error message that comes, is when i start GRASS and give d.mon 

XError of Failed Request :Badmatch (Invalid parameter Attributes)
Major Opcode of failed request :78 (X_Create Colormap)
Serial number of failed request :30
Current serial number in output stream :31
Error starting graphics monitor

Is it some problem with my X-windows.. for it seems to be working 
fine and other application are running fine on that..

Please direct your help to 17013 at stdn.irm.ernet.in
and thanks for the help
krishna kumar

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