d.mon not working some help needed

Pierre de Mouveaux Pierre.de-Mouveaux at inforoute.cgs.fr
Sun Dec 21 18:53:53 EST 1997

At 10:27 15/12/97 EST, you wrote:
>Dear sir/madam
>I have been trying to get d.mon to work on my 
>Linux Red hat 4.2 distribution and Kernel 2.0.30
>the Xwindows display is working fine I have taken a Generic Monitor
>the error message that comes, is when i start GRASS and give d.mon 
>XError of Failed Request :Badmatch (Invalid parameter Attributes)
>Major Opcode of failed request :78 (X_Create Colormap)
>Serial number of failed request :30
>Current serial number in output stream :31
>Error starting graphics monitor
>Please direct your help to 17013 at stdn.irm.ernet.in
>with regards
>hoping to get some help soon...

The problem is that you certainly start XWindows with a colormap of more
than 8 bits depth. (ie 256 colors). 

you can try a " startx -bpp 8" to see if it works.

To use more than 256 colors, use the  XDRIVER24 video driver, that works up
to 24 bits depth.

Theses video drivers are located in the /YOUR/GRASS/DRIVERS
(for exemple, /usr/grass/DRIVERS or /usr/local/grass/DRIVERS).

There are at least two ways to tell grass to use the 24 bits driver:
First, the "bad" one: rename XDRIVER to XDRIVER.OLD and XDRIVER24 to XDRIVER.
Next, the "good" one: (IMHO ;-)) modify the startup file that assigns the
driver for the different "monitors" (ie X0, X1, etc...). 
This file is /YOUR/GRASS/etc/monitorcap
In this file, just replace XDRIVER by XDRIVER24:
lines like:
        x0:driver/XDRIVER:X-windows graphics display: \
        x0:driver/XDRIVER24:X-windows graphics display: \

Hope this helps...

Pierre de Mouveaux.

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