Importing USGS CD-ROM DEM to GRASS under Linux

Doug & Pat Stephen dpstephen at
Fri Dec 19 14:34:42 EST 1997


I'm a new user of GRASS and want to import a DEM from a USGS CD-ROM as a
raster file.

I tried converting to an XYZ file, getting the header data (number of rows,
number of columns, north sout east west UTMs) removing the X & Y data,
sending the Z data to Linux, stripping carriage returns, running m.rot90
(which seemed to add some garbage and blank lines to the file), adding the
header data, figuring out the bytes per value by dividing total file size
by rows and columns, doesn't work (due to garbage from m.rot90?).

If I just use the data without rotating and add the header I get a DEM
raster but not oriented right,...

Any suggestions of what to do would be appreciated.



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