Installing Grass on DEC ALPHA'S and HP's

Simon Cox simon at
Wed Jan 8 09:45:13 EST 1997

Ian, David, other DEC victims

We are currently going through the process of upgrading 
our Grass installation on our Alphas.  We are using 
James Ganong's latest version of the patches, and are 
also doing the floating-point/null upgrade.  We are part way 
through the exercise so far but have not discovered any problems 
we couldn't solve.  We are keeping careful track of all the mods 
and tricks, and should be in a position to post these to 
the list in a week or so.  If y'all can hold tight for a little 
while, I think we should be able to help.  

Simon Cox
Dr Simon Cox - Australian Geodynamics Cooperative Research Centre
CSIRO Exploration & Mining,  PO Box 437,  Nedlands, WA 6009 Australia
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