Installing Grass on DEC ALPHA'S and HP's

Ian Marcellus D'abreo imdabre at
Tue Jan 7 18:16:46 EST 1997

We have the following machines on which we would like to get Grass running 

HP-UX oceana B.10.10 A 9000/770 2012964655 two-user license
OSF1 V3.2 214 alpha
OSF1 V4.0 464 alpha
OSF1 V4.0 386 alpha

When we try compiling/linking grass4.1 on the DEC's it simply coredumps
while linking ...

Please let me know where I can find fresh copy of source code for grass4.1
which would run on the above m/cs.

Are there any modifications needed in the source code and what are they?

Also I believe that the source code at

does have some problems with DEC Alpha's...
What is the remedy? 
Thank you in advance !

Ian D'Abreo
Graduate Assistant
e-mail : imdabre at

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