Problems building GRASS on DEC Alpha

David.Osborne at David.Osborne at
Tue Jan 7 13:15:44 EST 1997

I've hit a snag with the DEC Alpha port of GRASS.

After unpacking the 4.1 update 5 sources from the S5.cpio* files, I then 
applied the Floating_pt update (
ating_pt) with both its updates (8 and 9), as recommended in James Ganong's 
notes to his port for Alphas running OSF1 (

The problem seems to be in the file src/include/gis.h extracted from the 
fp_main.tar.Z archive in the Floating_pt update: this omits the structure 
Cat_list within the definition of structure Categories (at about line 51). The 
compilation of src/xgrass/display/crtecolor.c then fails because it attempts to 
refer to elements of the (now omitted) nested structure.

Is there a way round this? What is the recommended order of unpacking the 
standard sources and any updates?

With the grass-alpha-axp-0.7 package, I've certainly got further than my last 
attemp, but I still had to make a few source changes, mainly in the 
src/xgrass/libes/Xgi directory (e.g., Matrix.c), to pick up correct Motif 

I get the feeling that the Alpha port can't have been widely used on recent 
versions of OSF1 (now called Digital Unix) -- ours is version 3.2. It's 
certainly more troublesome than our Sun Solaris installation I did about 18 
months ago.

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