Problems building GRASS on DEC Alpha

brown at brown at
Wed Jan 8 10:06:59 EST 1997


I don't think there was any attempt to update the xgrass code
for the floating point version.  The Categories structure was
changed for this version so any code that accessed the 
structure directly will be in trouble - there should be a way 
to use the programmer's interface routines to replace the 
offending code - but there will probably be other instances
where xgrass accessed structures (such as Colors) directly, so
you would have to do the same for such cases. 

- Bill

> I've hit a snag with the DEC Alpha port of GRASS.
> The problem seems to be in the file src/include/gis.h extracted from the
> fp_main.tar.Z archive in the Floating_pt update: this omits the structure
> Cat_list within the definition of structure Categories (at about line 51).
> The compilation of src/xgrass/display/crtecolor.c then fails because
> it attempts to refer to elements of the (now omitted) nested structure.
> Is there a way round this? What is the recommended order of unpacking the
> standard sources and any updates?

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