Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Thu Jan 9 17:45:02 EST 1997

On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Chris Cochran wrote:

> I am operating grass4.1 on SPARC system 600 SUNOS2.5. When using, 
> I'll get a segmentation fault and core dump. This occurs both in the 
> interactive mode and as a script. The command appears to be 
> working ok. All other grass commands appear to work ok as well.
> This problem cropped up after our system was upgraded to OS2.5. We need 
> a direct responce for this problem if at all possible. Thanks!
Hi, Chris
Did you re-compile GRASS when you upgraded to 2.5? If not, what release 
of GRASS are you running? We are currently running 4.1.5 code, compiled 
under Solaris2.3, on our Solaris2.5 systems, and have had no problems 
with I can ftp you binaries if needed.

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