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Justin Hickey jhickey
Thu Jan 16 09:26:51 EST 1997

Hello all

I have a TIFF image that I have converted to GRASS raster with the
command from the SCS contributed software. Unfortunately when I display the
raster file in GRASS, the image has been degraded. An example of the
degradation can be seen at

The command reported that the bits/sample of the original TIFF image
was 8. Also the original image had only 64 shades of gray requiring only 6
bits. My question is how did the image become so degraded if the
command can easily handle 64 shades of gray? Or maybe the command is
not the problem but the XDRIVER or d.mon is?

Any suggestions on how to improve the quality of the GRASS raster file or any
ideas in general would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


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