more tiff probs

Thu Jan 16 11:29:00 EST 1997

Speaking of, I've been importing some 9x9" photo scans and 
when they are in tiff format the size of the files are a few MB.  
When GRASS converts them it assigns 4 bytes per cell (though there 
are no values in the raster greater than 250) and the size becomes 
29MB.  The image is 2700r x 2700c so only 8 MB max are needed.  I 
have been running r.reclass and then r.resample to get them back to 1 
byte per cell. I wouldn't mind doing this for each photo if I didn't 
have hundreds of them and disk space weren't so tight. Does anyone 
have a clue of why is assigning 4 bytes per cell?  When I 
watch the output from in verbose mode it says 
Samples/Pixel:1 .  Is there a better way to convert to 1byte/cell?
BTW, I'm scanning to tiff with PhotoPlus on a PC.  I tried scanning 
with Corel Paint but it keeps running out of memory.  Thanks,
Erin O'Doherty , USDA Forest Service , Intermountain Research Station
eodohert at  

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