GRASS-Linux binaries on CD-ROM

David Mandel dmandel at
Thu Jan 23 12:59:10 EST 1997

Regarding the book and CDs:
> Linux Configuration and Installation
> Second Edition, 1996
> by Patrick Volkerding, Kevin Reichard, Eric E. Johnson
> 522pp.
> ISBN: 1-55828-492-3
> US $39.95
> CAN $55.95

I got this book, and like it greatly.  The CDs are also excellent,
especially Vol2 which has binaries for numerous scientific applications.
However, while I have not used the GRASS binaries on this CD, I don't 
recommend them to people with a serious interest in GRASS.  A. Holz's 
old a.out GRASS CD is much better ($60.00).  It includes source, binaries, 
and the standard sample GRASS data, and can be ran from hard disk
or directly off of CD ROM.  It also have any GRASS axililary programs 
like xgrass.  Unfortunately, it is a bit dated and hard to get.

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