GRASS-Linux binaries on CD-ROM

Chuck Ehlschlager chuck at
Thu Jan 23 13:03:38 EST 1997

Schmidt wrote:
> For those who might want to get copies of the GRASS binaries for Linux on
> CD-ROM (either Andy Burnett's original a.out version or Kang's first ELF
> version), the binaries are included on the two CD's that come with the book:
> Linux Configuration and Installation
> Second Edition, 1996
> by Patrick Volkerding, Kevin Reichard, Eric E. Johnson
> 522pp.
> ISBN: 1-55828-492-3
> US $39.95
> CAN $55.95
> Also included on the CD's is the Slackware 96 Linux distribution based on
> the Linux 2.0 kernel.

Has anyone, other than the authors or interested parties, installed this
Linux distribution and GRASS binaries from this source? If so, would you
mind providing a short review?

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