Trouble with xgdisplay on 8bit Indy

Thomas Wagner theseus at
Sun Jan 26 06:10:06 EST 1997

Hello together!

Im sorry to bother you again, since I already asked for help some weeks
ago. Unfortunately my subscription of grassu did not work, so that I 
could not read your comments.

Ok, my problem is this: I downloaded the grass4.1 binary dist for
SGI and installed it on a SGI Indy with 8bit color. Most things
work well, but the display tool xgdisplay does not work. It always
terminates with the message, that there are not enough colors available.

My question now is, whether any of you can either tell me how to fix that
or if there ist anywhere a binary of this programm available for 8bit
SGI systems.

Since I neither have the complete source nor the necessary experience
for recompilation, I would apreciate a already compiled version.

Please respond directly to:

	theseus at 

Thank your very much for your help.

Yours, Thomas Wagner

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