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David Mandel dmandel at transport.com
Tue Jul 1 01:41:01 EDT 1997

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Teresa Salyer wrote:

> Looking for a command to use in grass414 called nad2nad to convert from
> one nad to another.  
nad2nad really isn't part of GRASS.  It is part of Evenden's 
PROJ.4 library which GRASS uses in it's projection calculations.

For the most part, Evenden's PROJ.4 projection is a library of C 
functions.  GRASS calls these in it's projection handling 
commands.  However, PROJ.4 also includes 3 main programs with the
library.  These are proj, nad2nad, and (I forget).  I don't 
know if these come with GRASS or not, but they can be gotten 
from the USGS ftp site which keeps PROJ.4.  I don't recall the
ftp site off hand, but I can get the name.  Or if you would 
prefer, my client would probably allow me to post my copy of 
PROJ.4 on their ftp site.  I have binaries for AIX 3.2, Linux Elf, 
IRIX 5.2.

Please write back to me if you need me to get the ftp site name, or you
want me to post PROJ.4 on my client's ftp site.

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