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Thomas Foster htf1 at
Tue Jul 1 16:48:47 EDT 1997

I have tried a number of methods to import some USGS data (dem and dlg)
without success.     I am beginning to think that I am missing a
significant step in the process.   I am learning as I go along.     Can the
data from the GeoData center at USGS be imported DIRECTLY into GRASS or
some other gis?     or does it have to be processesed first?    

For example, the 1:100,000 dlg's at the ftp site are described as ascii
files.    GRASS talks about ascii and bin dlg files.   When I
issue the, it just hangs.    

I have been downloading the data and attempting various GRASS functions but
I get various errors  (too various to remember right now).    My major
question is what are the steps?    and how could I learn/ read about it?

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