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DON EBERT ebertd at
Wed Jul 2 11:39:00 EDT 1997

One step that I see a lot of people miss when downloading data from the 
GeoData Center is to forget to add record delimiters to the files. To do 
so, you use the UNIX dd command. The specific parameters for the dd 
command are given in the README files at the GeoData Center site. Hope 
this helps.

Don Ebert
Research Associate
USGS Biological Resources Division
Cooperative Studies Unit
University of Nevada - Las Vegas

On Tue, 1 Jul 1997, Thomas Foster wrote:

> I have tried a number of methods to import some USGS data (dem and dlg)
> without success.     I am beginning to think that I am missing a
> significant step in the process.   I am learning as I go along.     Can the
> data from the GeoData center at USGS be imported DIRECTLY into GRASS or
> some other gis?     or does it have to be processesed first?    
> For example, the 1:100,000 dlg's at the ftp site are described as ascii
> files.    GRASS talks about ascii and bin dlg files.   When I
> issue the, it just hangs.    
> I have been downloading the data and attempting various GRASS functions but
> I get various errors  (too various to remember right now).    My major
> question is what are the steps?    and how could I learn/ read about it?
> thanks 
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