DEm generation from raw data

Sheilah Nolan snolan at
Fri Jul 4 12:21:07 EDT 1997


The easiest method of generating a raster DEM is to use  Make sure that your ASCII file is in your
site_lists directory and in the
correct format:

desc|your id notes

You can also generate a raster map of DEM data using or, depending on your version of GRASS.  This is trickier
and will require a fair bit of playing around, but yields a better
(more true to your data) product.

I assume that these DEM's can be used as input to r.watershed, but
have never tried this.

Good luck.



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> Hi,
> I have raw elevation data which is in ACSII format:
> 	easting northing elevation
> Which command would be appripriate to tansfer this file to grass accepted
> raster data format ? so that I could generate a gridded DEM and derive a
> driange network using related grass command, such as r.watershed.
> Thanks in advances,
> Vincent
> Vincent Tao
> The University of Calgary
> tao at

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