Richard Nairn nairnr at
Wed Jul 9 16:42:33 EDT 1997

> Hi, I find a paper: "GRASS-to-DBMS Interfacing" written by Kirk E.
> Pennywitt, in GRASS website. 
> I am wondering if I can get more materials concerning this project?
> Especially on linking GRASS with some Database system such as Sybase or
> Oracle?
> Thanks
> Peizhong Wu
> Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Science
> University of Michigan

If you are interested, I am currently working on linking Grass to the
new Postgres v6.1 Database.  Right now our focus is on the ability to
query sites for attributes and to do SQL queries on the model.  This
is based on clicking points on a map.  Postgres is a easy dbase to
provide support for.  It has lots of documentation and is quite easy
to implement..

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