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Fri Jul 11 01:53:12 EDT 1997

> At 4:42 pm -0400 7/9/97, Richard Nairn wrote:
> >If you are interested, I am currently working on linking Grass to the
> >new Postgres v6.1 Database.  Right now our focus is on the ability to
> >query sites for attributes and to do SQL queries on the model.  This
> >is based on clicking points on a map.  Postgres is a easy dbase to
> >provide support for.  It has lots of documentation and is quite easy
> >to implement..
> Can you make the fruits of your work generally available to the grass user
> community? I would dearly love to link my grass with my postgresql.
> Doug

Ok, I will see what sort of things I can put together.  While the
progams themselves are sort of special to out application, I will try
and either generalize it or document as much of it as probable :-) The
main program that I have been working on was a program to click on a
point in the map and search the database for close points, return the
closest points and to display the attributes associated with the
site. The sites are drill holes in my instance and can have 42
attributes to them..  I have provided a somewhat pretty output but it
is very basic.  

It is also some of my first work in C, so it is probably not the best
coding in the world...  I will keep you guys posted.  While I am doing
it, any suggestions on what sort of applications you would like to use
it with? I am open to suggestions... 

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