newbie with linux Grass4.1

Randy Cone cone at
Tue Jul 22 13:50:41 EDT 1997

Hey folks!
I hope this is an appropriate forum for newbie questions, if not could
you please redirect me?
I've installed grass4.1.5 on a i386 Linux2.0.0 system, and have aquired
the spearfish data set.  When I start grass, everything seems ok.  The
first thing I tried after startup was .

It said I need to call d.mon and setup graphic output.  d.mon starts up
and I type list for available output and I get x0-x6 and CELL, but when
I select any of these it says I haven't started them up.  Do I need to
play with XDRIVER, or is there some other answer?

Thanks for the consideration and time,
Randy Cone

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