newbie with linux Grass4.1

Angus Carr apcarr at FLASH.LakeheadU.CA
Wed Jul 23 06:16:00 EDT 1997

> I hope this is an appropriate forum for newbie questions, if not could
> you please redirect me?

Have you checked the permissions of your locks directory 
($GISBASE/locks, I think) and the contents thereof.

when you type "d.mon x0", what happens? Does a window actually 
appear? Is there an error message in the shell?
If there is an error message about locks, then there is a filename 
mentioned. Play with that. 
If there is an error message about not being able to allocate a 
colormap, then you are using a hicolor or truecolor display (16bpp or 
24bpp) and you need to get XDRIVER24, which is in the patch file, and 
use that in a monitor in $GISBASE/etc/monitorcap. 

If there were no messages, then try displaying something without 
"g.list rast" will give you a list of raster files - pick one.
"d.rast" will show a raster file. If nothing happens, try 
"g.region rast=ARasterFile ; d.erase ; d.rast ARasterFile " 
"d.where" will return a point from a mouse click. This will also do 
to test the monitor.

If these return error messages about no monitor selected, that's 
probably permissions. 

If you need more help, drop the list another message.

Angus Carr.

> I've installed grass4.1.5 on a i386 Linux2.0.0 system, and have aquired
> the spearfish data set.  When I start grass, everything seems ok.  The
> first thing I tried after startup was .
> It said I need to call d.mon and setup graphic output.  d.mon starts up
> and I type list for available output and I get x0-x6 and CELL, but when
> I select any of these it says I haven't started them up.  Do I need to
> play with XDRIVER, or is there some other answer?
> Thanks for the consideration and time,
> Randy Cone

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