grass at genie.saff.utah.edu grass at genie.saff.utah.edu
Wed Jul 23 12:09:44 EDT 1997

I would like to install XDRIVER24 on my system.  However in gmaking i get
a number of 'undefined reference' errors from my OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o 
	eg.OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o: In function `main':
OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o(.text+0x124): undefined reference to
OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o(.text+0x26b): undefined reference to `get_connection'
OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o(.text+0x538): undefined reference to
OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o(.text+0x576): undefined reference to `Standard_color'
OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o(.text+0x5b6): undefined reference to `Color'

I do not have motif libraries and am wondering if they are required of if
I can compile it any other way.

Jason Carey
Snow Hydrology
University of Utah

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