Angus Carr apcarr at FLASH.LakeheadU.CA
Thu Jul 24 08:18:21 EDT 1997

If you are using Kang's binaries for GRASS on Linux, or for that 
matter you are using most ELF Linux systems, you could get the patch 
file for that. The statically compiled binary is in there. It seems 
to work quite well.

Angus Carr.

> I would like to install XDRIVER24 on my system.  However in gmaking i get
> a number of 'undefined reference' errors from my OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o 
> 	eg.OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o: In function `main':
> OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o(.text+0x124): undefined reference to
> `check_connection'
> OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o(.text+0x26b): undefined reference to `get_connection'
> OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o(.text+0x538): undefined reference to
> `Number_of_colors'
> OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o(.text+0x576): undefined reference to `Standard_color'
> OBJ.Linux/SWITCHER.o(.text+0x5b6): undefined reference to `Color'
> I do not have motif libraries and am wondering if they are required of if
> I can compile it any other way.
> Thanks
> Jason Carey
> Snow Hydrology
> University of Utah

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