importing a .lan

J. HOLLENBECK jhollenb at
Thu Mar 6 00:40:02 EST 1997

Hello all,

	I want to thank those individuals who answered my question
regarding my HP deskjet and grass....but now I have a much larger problem.

I have a satellite scene in the form of a .lan file.  The .lan was not
produced by ERDAS and I am told that it is in BIP (band interleaved by
pixel) format.  I can read and view this file in ArcView2 with no problems
but cannot for the life of me, get it into GRASS.  I have tried
and I get bizarre values in the header report and then a "Memory
Allocation Error".  I have tried i.tape.other but it only supports BIL and
BSQ formats.  If anybody has *any* suggestions, I would love to hear from

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Hollenbeck
Dept. of Fishery and Wildlife Science
New Mexico State University
jhollenb at

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