Problems with GRASS binaries for Solaris (Help needed)

Surbat markos at
Tue Mar 11 19:31:26 EST 1997

Hi, I'm new GRASS user (but one of the first in Croatia,Europe).
I work with GRASS binary release for Solaris , and here are my 
questions for GRASS community:
 1) r.mapcalc - when I run this command, and after the process 
is 100% complete program hangs still and gives no result (new map)
 2)I'm working with the 30 arc-second DCW DEM of west Europe
(eur1_dem.bil) and I want to "cut" the region of Croatia out 
of it.I've tried to do this with m.dem.extract, but the same 
problem as with r.mapcalc (1) occurs.What should I do ? (Is it 
possible to achieve such operation with some other GRASS 
command ?)
Any suggestions and references are welcome.Please send them to:
        markos at            or to
        msurbat at 
        msurbat at  -->after 20.03.1997.
    Thanks in advance.     Marko    

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