Updating GRASS binaries for Solaris ?

Surbat markos at usa.net
Tue Mar 11 19:37:20 EST 1997

I've found grass4.1u5.sol2.5.tar.Z file on pandora.cecer.army.mil 
in the /pub/grass/outgoing directory.It's the Update 5 of GRASS 
binaries for Solaris2.5 (which I'm woorking on) ,isn't it? What 
should I do with it (after unpacking) to upgrade my GRASS to it?
Please, mail me to:
        markos at usa.net            or to 
        msurbat at diana.zems.fer.hr 
        msurbat at diana.zesoi.fer.hr  -->after 20.03.1997.
    Thanks in advance.     Marko   

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