AW: Xgrass and ogl3d on Linux

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Fri Mar 14 06:01:07 EST 1997

Von: 	Steve Dzurenko[SMTP:steve at ocean.oce.uri.EDU]
Gesendet: 	Montag, 10. März 1997 15:53
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Betreff: 	Xgrass and ogl3d on Linux


Has anyone successfully compiled Xgrass on Linux.  I am having a
bit of difficulty and was hoping to ask a couple of questions.
My ultimate goal is to get ogl3d up and running, but I need to
compile the Xgrass Xgi lib first.  The Xgd lib compiled with 
minimal trouble, but Xgi is throwing me for a loop!

Love to hear from anyone.

Hello Steve,

	XGRASS is on my GRASS 4.1.5 CD, which is distributed since
	OGL3d is running since mid 1996 and will be included in my 
	next GRASS CD release in summer.

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