s.surf.tps on Linux

Angus Carr apcarr at FLASH.LakeheadU.CA
Fri Mar 14 10:57:57 EST 1997

On Fri, 14 Mar 1997, Philip Verhagen wrote:

> > So I tried s.surf.tps and I got the message:
> > 
> >  warning: there are pionts outside of region - will ignore
> >  warning: strip exists with insufficient data
> >  warning: there are points outside specified region - ignored n (nearly all)
> > points
> >  error: zero points in the given region
> > 
> > - Input data format: 4434015 5628645 #44000
> > - there are any #0 values
> > - the region is set to default
> Two guesses:
> 1) The input data should be separated with | (vertical bars)
> 2) Set your region to the extent of the site list with g.region; default
> will probably not the right region (check this with g.region -p)
> It is also worth considering creating a MASK that covers the area where
> you have points available plus a reasonable buffer distance.
> Hope this helps,
> Philip Verhagen

This is a known bug in the Linux version of s.surf.tps.  It has been
present for a while. 
I have access to both SunOS and Linux versions of GRASS, and can get the
SunOS version to read the file, while the Linux version (On a 486) was
incapable, with oddly familiar error messages.

I'm afraid to say that you must either give up, use another machine, or
pull out the rubber gloves to reach deep inside the back of the code...

Angus Carr.

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