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Sun Mar 16 17:02:51 EST 1997

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It is nice to see you are back;
Can you direct us as to where we may get updated scripts
for you CD(R?) to correct the links. the $GISBASE/etc directory is linked to theCD thereby not allowing to edit digcap for instance. The main reason
we are interested in your CD is for digitizing and we have a course next week.
nicolas boretos

Dear nicolas,
	sorry for not responding for such long time.

	I'll check for the scripts. The reside on a PC in my old office, 
	but I'll try to get them.

	I'll create an bug-fix CD next week with the appropriate links
	included. If you want, you can have the CD, if you pay 
	shipment and media (approx. DM 20).

	I was not able to fix your problems with the digitizer, due
	to extremely overload. But I have now two students working
	on GRASS code, esp. to debug the XGRASS code.


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