GRASS CD information

Andreas Holz andreas.holz at
Sun Mar 16 17:13:54 EST 1997

Dear GRASS users,

	the a.out version of the GRASS 4.1.5/XGRASS CD for Linux is still available 
	on CD-R. This is release 1.01 of the CD containing bug fixex, e.g. missing
	files in the GRASS.DATA tree and fixing missing links.

	Meanwhile I'm working together with two student on debugging GRASS code,
	esp. to get XGRASS more stable (XDIGIT and OGL3D!!). A first attempt to
	port the original SG3D code to Linux was quite successful, but SG3D on Linux
	is'nt stable for production.

	The release of the 2.0 Version of the CD, a complete port to the ELF binary
	format will be available in summer. But there is not immediate need for a
	ELF version, because the behaviour of the a.out binaries on an ELF system
	with the a.out backward compatibility in the kernel is well. We dropped the
	Java interface to GRASS due to very poor performance of Java.

	I'm just negotiating with a distibutor in the US, who will sell the CD in the United
	States and Canada directly.

	Did you try the ORACLE trial version on Linux? It ist running! Also the GRASS-
	Oracle interface is up.

Greetings from Germany


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