Compile problem from a beginner

Felix Gershunov felix at
Tue Mar 25 01:00:06 EST 1997


> On Mar 24,  4:04pm, Peizhong Wu wrote:
> > Subject: Compile problem from a beginner.

> The problem is that the lists/GRASS file has lines that are commented out and
> the GISGEN shell script (basically) does not like them. The *.pre1 files
> however will compile all the code in the $GIS/src, $GIS/src.alpha, and
> $GIS/src/xgrass directories. As stated above, the xgrass code does not need to
> be compiled for GRASS to work. However, if you do want to compile xgrass, you
> should note that it will not compile with Motif 2.0 or above.

 I want to compile xgrass. With which version of Motif it will compile ?
 What you can say about lesstif 0.77 ? I tried to compile xgrass with it,
 but without success.

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