Compile problem from a beginner.

Justin Hickey jhickey
Tue Mar 25 05:06:34 EST 1997

Hi Peizhong

On Mar 24,  4:04pm, Peizhong Wu wrote:
> Subject: Compile problem from a beginner.
> Hi, When I try to run GISGEN.head,
> There is following error message:
> **************************
> first step: #man
> GISGEN failure: #man - not found in lists/GRASS lists/local
> **************************

I also ran into this problem when I compiled GRASS on our SGI. I kept a history
file of the compilation procedure and below are the comments I made regarding
this error:

19  The file $GIS/src/CMD/generic/ had to be modified so that GISGEN
    compiled the proper files. Line 21 was changed from:
    to the following:
	list="lists/GRASS.pre1 lists/GRASS.X.pre1"
    This will cause all the directories listed in these files to be compiled.
    The files listed in the lists/GRASS.X.pre1 file are the xgrass source code
    files. These source code files are not required for compilation, therefore,
    the GRASS.X.pre1 file could have been excluded from the above line if

The problem is that the lists/GRASS file has lines that are commented out and
the GISGEN shell script (basically) does not like them. The *.pre1 files
however will compile all the code in the $GIS/src, $GIS/src.alpha, and
$GIS/src/xgrass directories. As stated above, the xgrass code does not need to
be compiled for GRASS to work. However, if you do want to compile xgrass, you
should note that it will not compile with Motif 2.0 or above.

I hope this helps and if you have any other problems feel free to contact me.


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