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Justin Hickey jhickey
Tue Mar 25 10:20:51 EST 1997

Hi Felix

On Mar 25, 12:00pm, Felix Gershunov wrote:
>  I want to compile xgrass. With which version of Motif it will compile ?
>  What you can say about lesstif 0.77 ? I tried to compile xgrass with it,
>  but without success.

Well the problem with Motif is as follows which is taken from a previous post
of mine

> You should also be aware that xgrass will not compile with Motif 2.0 and
> above. We found that xgrass uses functions that no longer exist in Motif 2.0.
> The only fix that was found for this was taking declarations of the functions
> from a previous version of Motif and copying them into a header file used by
> the source files that referenced the old Motif functions. OSF informed me
> the definitions of the functions still exist in the library but they removed
> the declarations from the header files. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance
> to test this fix (priorities got changed and we had GRASS running on our SGI
> already) so I'm not sure if it will work. The greater concern is what to do
> with xgrass when OSF removes the functions from the Motif library.

The functions that cause the problems in particular are the functions starting
with the prefix _Xm (eg _XmManagerEnter). As for lesstif 0.77, I can't say much
about it since I've never used it. If it is based on Motif 2.0 then the above
problem is present. If you don't know if it is based on Motif 2.0 then you can
search for the declaration of _XmManagerEnter in the file /usr/include/Xm/XmP.h
(or whatever directory your Xm include files are stored) by using the following

	cd /usr/include/Xm
	grep _XmManagerEnter XmP.h

If a line like

	extern void _XmManagerEnter() ;

is found then your version of Motif (or lesstif) supports the xgrass code. If
not you can try the above solution and I would be interested in knowing if it

I hope this helps and feel free to contact me if you need more information.


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