Debugging Grasslinks

Simon Cox simon at
Tue Mar 25 12:40:58 EST 1997

User of Grass wrote:
> I am trying to install Grasslinks2.0 ... but I keep coming
> up with an error message which is also redirected
> to the e-mail address. The message that I get is
> "GIS ERROR: region <> not found"
> Can you please give me some suggestions as to how
> I can get over this problem and get Grasslinks
> working.


I'm afraid that I do not offer either support or degbugging 
assistance for GRASSLinks.  However, the error message suggests 
that either the part of the code which parses the "regions" file 
in the "lists" directory is failing to pick up the set of 
regions that you have available (check that file - eg for 
blank lines, etc), or else the html form is not 
returning a value to the cgi.  You'll have to use the usual 
debugging tricks to track down the problem.  

For my case, I've now moved on from GRASSLinks 2.0 and have 
probably diverged irrevocably from the REGIS implementation.  

The code has been completely re-written in perl, and I have 
moved to a completely different metadatabase format - I do 
not use files containing tables of the datasets any more, 
but have developed a method to "publish" each dataset to the 
application by creating a small metafile about it which is 
placed in a known location.  

I've also isolated the "GRASS" parts of the code deeper in the 
structure.  My motivation for this is that I intend to further 
develop the interface to use other modelling packages apart 
from GRASS to work on different data types (eg 3D).  

My latest version is converging on stability, so I expect to 
make it available to other users soon, though this will continue 
to be as-is - ie completely unsupported.  
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