Compile problem from a beginner.

Thomas Adams adams at
Wed Mar 26 07:50:45 EST 1997

Everything you want to compile under the standard GRASS distribution
that's contained in the lists/GRASS lists/local file must be
un-commented, i.e., delete the '#' symbol. The programs in the contrib/
garden/, etc. directories must be complied separately using the gmake4.1
command in each of those directories, but ONLY after successful
compilation of the the core GRASS programs.

Also, the programm has a bug; so be sure to get the updated
code for build.vector.c. For details on this, look at the FAQs for


Tom Adams

Peizhong Wu wrote:
> Hi, When I try to run GISGEN.head,
> There is following error message:
> **************************
> first step: #man
> GISGEN failure: #man - not found in lists/GRASS lists/local
> **************************
> Would some people tell me why?
> Thanks very much
> Peizhong Wu
> University of Michigan
> Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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