Compile problem

Peizhong Wu wupz at
Mon Mar 24 21:35:23 EST 1997

Hi, When I try to run GISGEN.head, 

There is following error message:

  make -f OBJ/make.rules 
cc -s -o /yin5/wupz/grass/etc/bin/main/inter/d.3d OBJ/main.o OBJ/threed.o 
OBJ/transform.o OBJ/clip.o  OBJ/get_range.o OBJ/check_opt.o 
OBJ/get_inputs.o OBJ/sigint.o OBJ/get_row.o OBJ/draw_face.o 
/yin5/wupz/grass/src/libes/LIB/libvask.a -lcurses -ltermlib -lm
ld: fatal: symbol `Def_term' is multiply defined:
        (file /usr/ucblib/libcurses.a(curses.o) and file 
ld: warning: symbol `ttytype' has differing sizes:
        (file /usr/ucblib/libcurses.a(curses.o) value=0x32; file 
/usr/ccs/lib/libtermlib.a(setupterm.o) value=0x400);
        /usr/ccs/lib/libtermlib.a(setupterm.o) definition taken
ld: fatal: File processing errors.  No output written to 
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target 
GISGEN failure at STEP: src/display/d.3d

Would some people tell me why?

Thanks very much

Peizhong Wu

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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