Different Versions of GRASS

George Chou gchou at gpz.com
Fri Oct 24 15:45:35 EDT 1997

Hi GRASS users,

I would like to thank several users who were kind enough to inform me of
some incompatibilities between versions, and even different builds of the
same version of GRASS.  In particular, I'd like to thank Prof. Malcolm
Williamson of Univ. of Arkansas and Ms. Jill Schuler of NRCS of USDA in
responding to my previous question about "<bg> is not a valid parameter". 
The problems have been addressed in our version 1.2.1 release of GRASS-XMI
which was formally released on October 14 (http://www.gpz.com) for

In addition to versions of GRASS mentioned in messages posted earlier, I
did a web search for different versions of GRASS and found two others. 
Here are my questions regarding each version of GRASS.

Reading Information Technology Inc.

Runs on Interactive UNIX SVR 3.2 and Linux, also offers a version of GRASS
localized to Chinese.

Questions: Does anyone use this version of GRASS on INTERACTIVE UNIX or
If someone does, then is this version compatible with CERL's version?

Saic Sensory Data Analysis Division

Note: If the address above is separated into two lines, you will have to
"copy and paste" to put the address in the "Address" area of your browser.

SAIC's version of GRASS provides capabilities in the vector domain, such as
digitization, measurements, import/export, full topological linking, vector
to raster, contour labeling, linkage to relational database, and many
others. Landsat, SPOT, and NHAP images can be manipulated using the GRASS
image processing capabilities.  It supports Solaris 1.0 for SPARC.

Questions: Does anyone use this version of GRASS on Solaris SPARC 2.x (most
applications built for Solaris 1.x will run on 2.x)?
If someone does, then is this version compatible with CERL's version?

On Sept. 26, 1997 T.S. Ramanarayanan, Ph.D. wrote:
Dr. Srinivasan will be releasing a version of GRASS for NT/ Win95 systems.
The output options are more friendly than UNIX GRASS. Send a mail to:
srin at brcsun0.tamu.edu for more info on NT-GRASS.

Questions: Is there a version for UNIX?  Are new output options mandatory
or optional?

NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) version of GRASS

Questions: Could someone highlight the differences between NRCS version and
CERL's?  Is there a plan to release their latest source code in the near

Please only include the question(s) you are responding in your reply
message.  Thanks.

George Chou
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