Use of 1km-AVHRR

Kazunori Inoue fwba1581 at
Sun Oct 26 10:52:03 EST 1997

Dear Grass Users

Let me ask you a basic question.

GTOPO30 for N13-N14 and W88-W90 was stored in an ascii file based on
Geographic coordinates. It was imported into Grass using In
Grass the UTM projection is used.

Now I would like to import 1 km -AVHRR data for the same coverage. The
downloaded raster data is based on Goode Projection so that it should be
converted to Geographic coordinates in this case. 

It is possible to convert the Goode file into that based on Geographic
coordinates by interpolating because I know the 4 lat/lon coordinates of
the edges. But is there any command in Grass to do this more smartly?

Kazunori Inoue

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