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Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Mon Oct 27 10:08:07 EST 1997

Hi, Stephan
I suspect that most GRASS users, these days, are using to create 
PostScript output. This is not particularly easy, but can create some 
fairly nice maps with a little work. As far as mapgen goes, it is not 
actually a GRASS program, although the MAPGEN Interface was, obviously, 
written specifically for GRASS. The only organization that I know of that 
still uses mapgen extensively is the US Natural Resources Conservation 
Service (NRCS), formerly the Soil Conservation Service (SCS). You might 
keep an eye out for one of their people on this list, and see if they can 
help you.

If you do opt to use, I have a shell script for creating barscales 
for use with it. I don't think that it is currently on the "moon"; I'll 
try to remedy that situation.
	-Malcolm Williamson
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On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Stephan Eickschen wrote:

> Hi GRASSers,
> Some days ago i asked the list concerning r.mapcalc and mapgen - the
> answers regarding r.mapcalc were good! Thanks to Angus and Malcolm :-)
> But there wasn´t any response regarding mapgen.
> So - isn´t mapgen _the_ tool for generating maps from grass, especially
> when (mainly) using raster data?
> My situation is the following: I downloaded the binary version of
> GRASS 4.1.5 for SGI, installed it and it is running proparbly. But now
> I would like to create some maps. The MAPGEN isn´t part of the binary
> release, so I ftp´ed, compiled and linked it, but I don´t know how to
> use :-(
> Isn´t there any (online) documentation? I searched the mailinglist
> archive, but couldn´t find something basic enough...
> Thanks in advance,
>         Stephan
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