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Sun Sep 14 10:38:50 EDT 1997

I've had good success using r.in.gif for bringing scanned aerial photos into
GRASS and using i.ortho.photo to perform the ortho corrections. To do the
corrections for relief distortion, you will need a GRASS raster elevation
map for the area. You will also need to input information on the aerial
camera characteristics (focal length and fiducial measurements). You will
then need to record the locations of the fuducial marks on the scanned
photo, register the photo to some other rectified image or map, and then
rectify it.  

If you have further questions, I will try to help.

Jim Schmidt
avenues at sonnet.com

At 06:49 PM 9/8/97 +0200, you wrote:
>>Hi my name is Radoslav Bonk
>>I'm working on the project where I need to put an aerial photographs
>>strictly on a topographical map for solving the LANDUSE. It's a hilly
>>region and it gets a quite big problems even I worked in EASI/PACE.
>>I have no other softwares except the GRASS's tools for orthorectifying
>>aerial photos. I need the photos orthorectify and then try to
>>georeference them as sharp as possible on topographic maps.
>>I have no experiences with image processing in GRASS, even i did mostly
>>morphometric modeling and r.mapcalc modeling of soil erosion and other
>>geomorphological hazards.
>>my GUESTION is: 1. Are the GRASS tools for orthorectifying an aerial
>photos suficient to get a good results?
>                 2. What are the steps of such an image processing?
>                 3. I have compiled r.in.tiff I think I will need it for
>image processing. Will I?
>                 4. Where I can find a similar project or www paper with   
>>    solving the problems of Orthorectifying the aerial photos?
>I would like to ask somebody for consulting this problems on the net.

>>Thank you very much
>>                                                 Rado Bonk
>> Radoslav Bonk
>> Comenius University,Faculty of Natural Sciences
>> Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology
>> Mlynska Dolina 842 14,Bratislava SLOVAKIA
>> e-mail: bonk at nic.fns.uniba.sk
>> PRIVAT: Svinia 221, 082 32; tel: 091/958 187
avenues at sonnet.com

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