Hurray :-)

Stephan Eickschen eicksch at
Wed Sep 17 10:50:03 EDT 1997

Hello Justin-

XGRASS is running! Thank you very much for your help, again!

What is - basicly - the difference between the "normal" grass and the
"floating point" version you have mentioned? I think, that I read this
words a while ago, but I can't remember anymore ...



P.S.: Besides GRASS: Did you ever had problems with software on SGI-
	systems, which - previously - ran without problems on other
	machines, e.g. on IBM / Aix? I have some programs from collegues
	from NSIDC ( for processing remote
	sensing data which I have succesfully installed on an IBM RS6000
	running AIX 4.1, but on our (new) SGI / IRIX 5.3 the compilation
	/ linking goes right, but the results are definatly wrong...
	It's all C code.


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