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Wed Sep 17 08:18:19 EDT 1997

I have used i.ortho.photo on scans of aerial photos that are missing one
edge (and some of the fiducial marks) because our scanner is not quite big
enough to capture a whole 10x10 inch aerial photo. The results still seem to
be very good - at least for my purposes. I have even used the routine on
aerial photos for which I do not have a camera focal length or measurements
of the camera fiducial marks. I have substituted the measurements from
another camera. The results were not as exact but still useable. (I was
comparing aerial photos from 1944 with current photos).

Jim Schmidt

At 12:14 AM 9/15/97 +0200, you wrote:
>Thank you for your advice it was very clearly.
>I have a small successes in my project
>- have raster elevation model of desired area, even the aerial
>photographs /4/ cover larger area, does it matter?
>- got one aerial photograph with r.in.tiff into GRASS, just for training,
>because about 0.5 cm of the photo is missing /part with fiducial marks/
>- have whole camera characteristics 
>- have done such as i.group, i.target ...
>my guestions: Is it necessary to scan whole aerial photo, isn't it?
>I'm trying to do more 
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