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No, you do not need to run photo.init.
The DEM does not have to be the same resolution as the photo. However, if
you want to create a higher resolution DEM with values interpolated between
the cells of the current DEM, you could change the region cell size
(g.region), run r.contour and then r.surf.contour.

Jim Schmidt

At 09:58 PM 9/17/97 +0200, you wrote:
>trying to do more with orthorectification of aerial photographs
>new problems are:
>-is it necessary to run photo.init in i.ortho.photo for computing camera
>initial exposure station? It would take a lot of time to find such a
>information like:
>                  initial Xc
>                  initial Yc
>                  initial Zc
>                  initial omega
>                  initial phi     
>                  initial kappa.....
>All other parameters of the camera, I have.
>-does it matter if my image /aerial photo/ has about 4200x3900 and DEM has
>780x710 /row x column/? For computing ortho...
>Thanks to all
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