i.rectify (first question)

Andrea Giacomelli andreag at crs4.it
Wed Sep 24 04:41:23 EDT 1997

> Hello dear GRASS users!
> I've already sent this message a month ago and
> didn't get any answer...
> It might be it didn't reach the right destination,
> or my questions may be irrelevant (;-(...
> I'm a new GRASS (under Linux) user and have 2 problems :
> First of all, I'm using GRASS but not only GRASS... which
> means I'd like to be able to use my datas under various softwares.
> So, I'm using the different GRASS progs to import/export data.
> My first problem is that r.out.tga is producing huge files (24 bits
> images) 
> although one uses only (mainly ?) 8 bits images with GRASS... Is there
> another
> raster
> export prog which can produce 8 bits images (e.g. r.out.gif)?

If you have the pbm tools, or xv, you
can simply convert the targa file to jpeg or gif or whatever you need.
It is clearly not an elegant solution, but it's the simplest one, I believe.


                Andrea Giacomelli
                Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and
                Development in Sardinia
                Environment Division


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