<bg> is not a valid parameter

George Chou gchou at gpz.com
Thu Sep 25 01:58:05 EDT 1997

A GRASS-XMI user reported that he could not display a raster map while
running GRASS4.1.5.  It was found that the parameter list for d.rast has
been changed.  When the following command was executed

	d.rast map=elevation bg=black

an error message said

	<bg> is not a valid parameter

I remember <bg> used to be an optional parameter in GRASS4.1.  Could
someone explain the reason for the change?  Thanks.

The version 1.2.1 release of GRASS-XMI for Solaris running on SPARC will 
be available for downloading (http://www.gpz.com) in ten days.  The new 
release will support d.rast for both GRASS4.1 and 4.1.5.  It will also
include Map Calculator and a few other modules.

George Chou
gchou at gpz.com
(650) 949-3708

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