New tcltkgrass V.1.1 available

Justin Hickey jhickey at
Fri Apr 3 05:38:19 EST 1998

Hello all

First of all congratulations to Jacques Bouchard and Markus Neteler on the new
version. It is much improved over the old one and comes at a time when we were
starting our own tcltk interface from scratch.

What is the development status of tcltkgrass? We are interested in improving it
and possibly contributing to the development. Our main interests are making it
multi-lingual (text for pushbuttons, labels, etc - we have done this in our
interface), customizable menu items (for users own grass programs etc) and
having an interface to a database (we have a simple preliminary prototype based
on the old tcltkgrass version using the PostgreSQL database).

Who should I contact to discuss development of tcltkgrass, Baylor University or
Markus Neteler? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, since we compiled the floating point code before Baylor University took
over development, we did not bother downloading grass 4.2. Where can I find the
d.pan command? It doesn't seem to be on the Baylor FTP site or the CERL FTP
site. Do I have to download the entire 4.2 source to extract the d.pan code?

Thank you for your time.


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