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Markus Neteler neteler at
Fri Apr 3 07:47:31 EST 1998

Dear Sir,

>   I have a large number of map coordinate system specifications (from my
> DOS version of  Idrisi) which could be of use in projection conversion
> functions within GRASS. Let me know if you'd like copies.

yes, these copies are very welcome.
>   We want to become proficient with GRASS as applied to environmental
> issues affecting the mining industry. This means hydrologic modeling,
> erosion potential calculations and other aspects of biology, ecology and
> hydrology. We want to integrate XploRe (the statistics language) with GRASS
> for spatial modeling and analyses. So, if we can help in the continued
> development and expanded user base of GRASS, please let us know. We'll do
> what we can to keep this system alive and growing.
That is a great idea. Please send all your results to my email,
I am coordinating the current version of GRASS. I am not familiar with
XploRe but some more statistical software in GRASS would be nice.

Thank you very much

   Markus Neteler

      Geographisches Institut    |       Institute of Geography
- Abteilung Physische Geographie | - Physical Geography 
      und Landschaftsoekologie - |            and Landscape Ecology -
      Universitaet Hannover      |   University of Hannover, Germany
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