Congressional District Data - THANKS

Bruce Nielsen bnielsen at
Thu Apr 16 13:59:08 EDT 1998

Thanks to all who responded to my message both on and off the list,
especially Clifford Behrens, whose tip led me to an Arc-Export file at:

I pulled down the file and converted it with the export71 utility in
ArcView, then loaded in Arcview.  The data is using lat-long

I would now like to move the data to GRASS.  I have access to Arc/Info,
but have not learned it yet.  Does anyone know it well enough to tell me
how to get the export file back in Arc, and convert it to an Albers
projection?  I think I can then convert it to GRASS using instructions I
found on the GIS FAQ at the Census Bureau's site.

When I'm done I'd like to donate the data to a worthy GRASS FTP site. 
Any volunteers/suggestions?
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