Announce: GRASS 4.2.1 V.13 released

Scott O'Donnell odonnell at
Thu Apr 16 14:22:21 EDT 1998


I really appreciate your hard work, updating and distributing
GRASS 4.2.1.  I've been using GRASS 4.1 for nearly two years.
Recently (this past weekend), I downloaded GRASS 4.2.1 v.12 
and built it to get the various "new and improved" GRASS 
programs.  Your included instructions made the rebuild pretty 
easy.  I'm looking forward to using several of the new programs,
r.kineros, r.water.outlet.3.0, r.out.mpeg, r.colortool, d.pan,
and many others.

Over my slow internet connection, it took 3.5+ hours to download 
the 33+ Mb v.12  grass_src.tgz file.  I don't relish the idea 
of spending 5+ hrs. more to obtain the latest update, yet I'd 
like to get some of new features (the new start scripts in 
tcltkgrass, proj4.3,, d.vect.cats).

I hate to ask this of you, because it will increase your 
workload (but maybe it's an easy thing to do).  Would it be 
difficult to provide a "patch" update, so I (or we in the GRASS 
User community) could get the new features and update the 
directories and files that changed?  I know that I would still 
need to rebuild the grass source tree, but that's the quick part 
of the upgrade work.  Perhaps there are others interested in 
just a patch upgrade.  If it's too difficult, I understand,
and I'll just have to bite the bullet and download the entire 
new file.

Thanks for your your consideration of my request,
Scott O'Donnell

Markus Neteler wrote:
> Dear GRASS Community,
> after some more xx hours of work the next release of
> GRASS 4.2.1 is available! My personal thanks to the
> helpful people (see below) all over the world...
> Where to get it:
>  As usual
> All the best to you
>    Markus Neteler
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